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Mega Work-A-Thon

Fundraising Event
Saturday, March 2, 2013

A great big thank you to all who participated in the
2013 Mega Work-A-Thon!

The many prayers offered up on behalf of the Mega Work-A-Thon have made this year's event a great success. The heroic efforts of the participants have blessed many families in Champaign County and the surrounding area. Many of the recipients have expressed gratiude for the new clothes cupboards for their children. Many of the participants have also reported about how the Mega Work-A-Thon has been a blessing to them and their families. It was magnificient to see how many young people helped their parents. With people of all ages, including those with many years of wisdom, we had fun while making a difference in Jesus' name.

Everyone wins!

There is strength in ONENESS in Christ!

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These are a few photos from the 2013 Mega Work-A-Thon. Clicking on your browser's refresh button will randomly load new pictures.

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