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This is the number of children under 5
who have died since the beginning of .

The Church in the U.S. Can Mobilize, in Jesus' Name, to reduce Global Child Deaths and Close the Gap between the Goal and Reality.

Most die from preventable poverty conditions and many are in areas where they have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. We do have the ability, in Jesus' name, to stop this tragedy. *

  • Research featured on this Web site shows church members have great resources at their disposal.
  • The Yoking Map is designed to help you figure out how to help the dying children.
  • The Potential highlights the possibilities of what can be accomplished with increased giving.
  • Five Mobilization Questions

You are invited to join us in praying that the historically Christian church in the U.S.A. will mobilize to increase giving to help, in Jesus' name, stop global child deaths.

* Studies find child deaths can be stopped.
  Click here for the studies.

* Jesus says we have the power to stop child deaths.
  Click here for information.

Available: October 15, 2015: The State of Church Giving through 2013: Crisis or Potential?

Mobilizing the Church to Help the Children in Jesus' Name