Charagma Watch (July 22, 2003)
An Annotated Update of
"Evaluation of the Church in the U.S.A." (1982, 1983)
by John and Sylvia Ronsvalle, empty tomb, inc., Champaign, IL

XII. The Spread of Human Microchip Implants: Crime

Posted: December 15, 2003

A. "Surgical Tags Plan for Sex Offenders: Silicon Chip To Be Inserted under Skin": The Observer: November 17, 2002

Martin Bright, home affairs editor of The Observer, wrote that Britain is considering a plan to track sex offenders with surgically implanted "electronic tags."

Britain is considering a controversial scheme to implant surgically electronic tags in convicted paedophiles amid fears that the extent of the abuse of children has been massively underestimated.

Documents obtained by The Observer reveal the Government could track paedophiles by satellite, with a system similar to that used to locate stolen cars.

The tags can be put beneath the skin under local anaesthetic and would also be able to monitor the heart rate and blood pressure of the abuser, alerting staff to the possibility that another attack was imminent.

A letter from Hilary Benn, the Minister responsible for the supervision of sex offenders in the community, reveals the Home Office's electronic monitoring team is already developing technology to track paedophiles constantly. The team is now investigating the 'implant tag' after it was alerted to its capabilities by a campaign group for victims of paedophiles.

Tracker, the company which runs Britain's largest stolen vehicle monitoring network, has already been approached about paedophile monitoring and computer company Compaq has been asked to develop the software.

Compaq Software Solutions has developed similar technology for Nasa to monitor remotely the bodily functions of astronauts...

In a letter to Labour MP Andrew Mackinley, Benn wrote: 'The Electronic Monitoring Team is... looking actively at the possibilities for using tracking technology to monitor offenders' whereabouts as they move from one place to another...

Ministers would need to pass new legislation to oblige offenders to be surgically fitted with the tags.263

B. "UK Home Office Unit Looking at Electronic Offender Tagging": The Register: November 18, 2002

John Lettice, writing for The Register on November 18, 2002, commented on an article that had appeared in the November 17, 2002 issue of The Observer. Lettice questions the availability of implantable chip human technology that can track individuals.

Has Hilary Benn MP become the UK's Minister for Cyborging? An article in yesterday's Observer newspaper might imply he's dangerously near to it. The story, unfortunately, starts the usual hares about people-chipping in its lead-in paragraphs, which does kind of obscure the real story lurking beneath.

The paper got hold of a copy of a letter from Benn to Labour MP Andrew Mackinley. Benn is currently government Minister for Community and Custodial Provision, which among other things covers the observation and control of sex offenders. Says Benn: "The Electronic Monitoring Team is... looking actively at the possibilities for using tracking technology to monitor offenders' whereabouts as they move from one place to another."

Electronic Monitoring Team? What electronic monitoring team would that be? But it's listed, if not explained, here[264] (right hand column). Benn continues: "To date... the team is unaware of any available technology which uses bodily implants to track offenders' movements or which can measure bodily functions to predict likely criminal activity. Such future improvements are, however, worthy of consideration if it can be demonstrated to be feasible and reliable in delivering improvements in public protection."

So this team is looking at using devices to monitor offenders, but at least knows that there's no way of doing it with today's technology via a surgical implant. Should they come up with something, then it's more likely to be a home confinement 'curfew' system, or one of the larger luggable units combining GPS and wireless...265

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