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The State of Church Giving through 2010: Who's in Charge Here? A Case for a Positve Agenda for Affluence.
    (22nd Edition, 2012, 214 pages)

Available October 15, 2012:


  1. Church Member Giving, 1968–2010
  2. Church Member Giving for 41 Denominations, 2009 to 2010
  3. Church Member Giving in Denominations Defined by Organizational Affiliation, 1968, 1985, and 2010
  4. Church member Giving and Membership in 11 Denominations, 1921–2010
  5. Church Member Giving and Membership Trends Based on 1968–2010 Data
  6. The Potential of the Church
  7. Why and How Do Americans Give?
  8. Who’s in Charge Here? A Case for a Positive Agenda for Affluence

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The State of Church Giving through 2010 (214 pp.)

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