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The State of Church Giving through 2015:
Understanding the Times

27th Edition, 2017, 220 pages, ISBN 978-0-9843665-7-6

Available October 2017

  1. 1. Church Member Giving, 1968-2015
  2. 2. Church Member Giving for 34 Denominations, 2014 to 2015
  3. 3. Church Member Giving in Denominations Defined by Organizational Affiliation, 1968, 1985, and 2015
  4. 4. Church Member Giving and Membership in 11 Denominations, 1921-2015
  5. 5. Church Member Giving and Membership Trends Based on 1968-2015 Data
  6. 6. The Potential of the Church
  7. 7. Why and How Much Do Americans Give?
    Includes an analysis of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015 Consumer Expenditure Survey data for cash contributions by age, income levels, and region
  8. 8. Understanding the Times
    Chapter 8 provides a micro-summary of church history as background for a discussion of the challenges facing the church in the U.S. today. The challenge of affluence in present times has produced difficulties in the church and society as a whole. Church leaders will either be victims, bystanders, or will mobilize for a larger purpose. Tables provide data on 40 countries that were not on target as of 2015 to reduce the under-age-5 mortality rate in those countries to meet goals set by global leaders. The church in the U.S., it is suggested, can mobilize its giving and distribution abilities to meet this need and, as a result of loving a hurting world in Jesus' name, engage the challenge of these times.

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