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Call for Intercessory Prayer

  • Overwhelming Need: Darfur Genocide: Christians globally, particularly in Bronx County, Delaware County, Herkimer County, Jefferson County, Lewis County, New York County, Orange County, Otsego County, Rockland County, St. Lawrence County, and Sullivan County of New York State.

Christians, particularly in eleven counties in New York State, which are yoked with Sudan, may want to intercede with prayer about the horrific nightmare occurring in the Darfur region of Sudan.  New York State counties yoked with Sudan are: Bronx, Delaware, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, New York, Orange, Otsego, Rockland, St. Lawrence, and Sullivan.  Of course, this need is so appalling that prayers from all concerned Christians are encouraged.


Journalist Nat Hentoff has written repeatedly about this travesty.  In an article entitled, "Genocide Continues in Darfur" published in the Washington Times with a dateline of January 22, 2007, Hentoff observed:


By now, the leader of every nation in the world knows of the massive crimes committed by the Janjaweed in Darfur, and now also in neighboring Chad. Before he left Sudan recently, Jan Egeland -- the U.N. coordinator for humanitarian affairs -- said that in a Darfur village, Serba, (as reported by National Public Radio on Dec. 1):


"I saw a mother who sat with her child at a hospital. There was a bullet wound through the child's neck. An armed Janjaweed militiaman said, 'I will shoot your child unless you give me money.' They had no money, so he shot the child. This, you know, is heartbreaking."


But it has not been heartbreaking enough for the world to stop this continuing genocide…


A wide range of the world's institutions seems unable to resolve this ghastly reality.

Hentoff's article closes with the poignant question, "But who's listening?"

Let's urgently pray in Jesus' name that God will act soon, in human time, to end this dreadfulness.


To the extent your prayers avail and money given in Jesus’ name were useful, those in need living in Sudan could benefit from an additional $1.76 billion a year if Christians in your eleven counties were tithing, making sure that the new money goes out for missions.



4/16/2007: As this item was being prepared for posting, a BBC News report announced that "Sudan Agrees to UN Peacekeepers," although "there is no UN Confirmation so far."



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