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We invite, in particular, Christians in Nassau County and Queens County, New York, who live in counties that are matched with Uganda in the Yoking Map. Of course, this need is so incredible that prayers from all concerned Christians are encouraged.  

It may be noted that if Christians in Nassau County and Queens County were to increase their giving to their churches to an average of 10%, and make sure that the new money goes out for missions, these Christians could support their churches' work in Uganda with an additional $1.39 billion, as well as increase other mission outreach.  

Children in Uganda are being kidnapped, raped, and impressed into guerilla warfare in the country, according to an article in Smithsonian. Reports indicate some children have been made to kill their own parents. Others have been made to kill other children, in one case as young as two five-year olds who complained that they were too tired to go on. A 14-year old boy reported being forced to drink the blood of a murdered child because it would make him stronger. Aid workers have confirmed horror stories such as these told by rescued children. Children walk miles each night to sleep in government-protected camps to avoid kidnapping. However, young girls in the government "refuge" camps have reportedly been raped by soldiers. According to the article in Smithsonian magazine, the guerilla leader is a "self-styled Christian prophet" and the head of the government is "Christian." You can read more in the February 2005 issue of Smithsonian (pp. 90-99) (available at no cost in PDF format).  

Let's pray to God to intervene and to bring true justice to this country, with protection and healing for these children.  

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